Solar Inventor

Solar power is a rapidly developing energy source in India and around the world. The potential for using the sun to directly supply our power needs is huge, Solar panels can generate electricity without any waste or pollution, or dependence on the Earths natural resources once they are constructed. They have no moving parts so modules are very reliable and have a long life span. Solar panels are relatively easy to install and are very low maintenance. A useful characteristic of solar photovoltaic power generation is that it can be installed on any scale as opposed to conventional forms of power generation that require large scale plant and maintenance. Solar Photovoltaic Modules: A solar photovoltaic module is the basic element of each photovoltaic system. It consists of number of solar cells arranged and connected in a definite pattern. It converts solar energy into electrical energy when sunlight falls on its surface. Solar Inverter cum Charge Controller with Intelligent Logic Control: Solar Inverter converts DC (Direct Current) power from the battery to AC (Alternating Current) power compatible with the utility and AC loads. This unit consists of Solar Inverter cum Charge Controller with Intelligent Logic which controls the charging of battery from solar or mains with solar as priority. This system monitors the Battery charge status and accordingly decides to charge the battery either from solar or from mains. First priority of charging is from solar modules and only in the absence of solar power (no-sunshine time) and when battery voltage is low (a predetermined level), the mains charger is turned ON automatically. This maintains the battery on float. When battery bank reaches a preset low voltage, mains charger turns "ON" and charges the battery bank. Next day, when solar radiation is available, the cycle repeats. This ensures healthiness of battery and hence the life of the battery gets extended. Battery deep discharge, over charge protections are incorporated inside the Solar Inverter.

Solar lantern

A lantern that provides light at night and recharges using the sun's energy. Modern solar lamps rely on LEDs, and are popular in developing countries where access to the energy grid can be hard. Photovoltaic technology, known as Solar PV, transforms the energy of sunlight into electricity. When the Glowstar solar lantern is plugged into a solar photovoltaic cell, its rechargeable battery stores the electricity produced so that it can be used to light your home or power a radio. When fully charged, the lantern will give light for 4 to 5 hours, and the radio will run for 15 hours. If both are used at once, the listening and lamp time will be shorter. Although it may take longer, the photovoltaic panels can still charge the solar lantern on a cloudy day.

  • Advantages

  1. Very high efficient microcontroller based electronic circuitry
  2. Low self-discharge, highly reliable, low maintenance SMF battery
  3. Protected from overcharging and deep discharge.
  4. LED indication for "Battery Charging" and "Battery Low"
  5. Very low no-load current
  6. Low maintenance
  7. High reliability and durability
  8. More intensity of light
  9. Use selectable high/low intensity
  10. Excellent for remote villages as well as urban cities
  11. With Mobile charging facility with multi pins